Create a Romantic & Comfortable Patio Ambience

How many times have you been invited to a garden party and was thrown off by gaudy old furniture – probably one too many! Let’s not be that host with stick furniture, create your own sexy and comfortable patio ambience with our trendy patio furniture line.

What’s great about Toja is our sleek design with comfort at its focus. Take the Toja Bretton Collection, the deep seating is a trend that’s here to stay, and it’s so comfortable that you can easily curl up and tuck your feet. The soft-edged arms on the Bretton Chair give the ultimate freedom to move your arms and not feel like you’re stuck in a seat like so many other patio chairs do. And most importantly, the cushions are ultra-cushy and will never deflate – who wants to sit on a limp cushion?

The best thing about our outdoor furniture is the sexy nude colour which you can build your design on. If your patio set is placed on concrete blocks or on a wooden deck, consider placing a colourful rug to add texture and vibrancy to the seating area and to section off the lounge space. Large leafy green plants, candles and torch-lights build the romantic atmosphere outdoors. Our versatile furniture colours really allow you to go wild with placing decorative pieces.

Consider the simplicity of the Bretton Collection as the building block to your exterior design ideas, but most importantly with comfort in mind. Your friends will want to return again and again.